Have you had Visa related problems regarding your status of residence?

Changing over from a Student Visa

✓I want to change from a Student to a Working Visa, what sort of a company/job would enable me to obtain a Visa?
✓What should I do if there is an inquiry from the Immigration Bureau?
✓I want to know the key points of audit at airport customs and immigration.

Family Visa

✓What sort of documents do I need to provide if I want to bring my family over from my home country?
✓How long is the examination process?
✓How much income is required to be allowed to bring the family over?
✓What’s the procedure relating to international marriage?

With a Working Visa

✓I’ve changed jobs, what’s the Visa procedure?
✓I’m too busy at work and have no time to go through the updating process!
✓I applied for renewal myself but got rejected…


✓I want to apply for permanent residency or naturalization. Will I be given permission?
✓My dream is to start a business in Japan! I want to obtain a Business Management Visa!
✓I want to employ foreign nationals but I don’t know the process…

Do not fret over these issues. Consult us first!
Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Tsutsuji International Legal Office…

We have full confidence in visa applications at our office but as there can be ambiguity over the criteria for examination with visa applications, we cannot guarantee that you will be given permission with 100% certainty.
In the event you’re rejected, we will find out why with the Immigation Bureau and re-apply. The first re-application is free of charge.
※We may not carry out a re-application for certain cases. For instance, if the rejection is due to a reason not known to our office.

Our services


    1. Consultation appointment(please arrange an appointment by telephone in advance)
    2. Interview at our office

Consultations relating to visa application and document checks using our own survey sheet

    1. Request

Explanation of the required documents, associated fees and scheduled date for application etc.

    1. Completing the application form・accompanying documents

The documents are mainly prepared at our office, leaving little to be completed by you.

    1. Submission of the application form to the Immigration Bureau

The document submission will be carried out by our office’s Licensed administrative notary There is no need for you to go to the Immigration Bureau.

    1. Examination(examination period varies by type of application, this will be explained at the interview)
    2. The Result

If permission is granted- Status of residence Visa acquired! The residence card is also received by our office so there is no need for you to go to the Immigration Bureau. We will provide support up until we pass you the new residence card.
If you are rejected- The perfect follow-up service for the re-application! The reason for rejection will be investigated and analyzed. A strategy for the next application will be proposed.

※Our office takes advance bookings only.
Please make an appointment by calling us on 0276-55-6855.

Greeting from representive

Thank you for visiting our homepage.
I am Masayoshi Chigira, the Administrative notary and Tsutsuji International Legal Office representative.

After graduating from university and starting a sales job at a major brokerage firm, I obtained a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist qualification and worked at Gunma prefecture Ota city’s International Gyosei-shoshi Law office. The cases involved local and foreign nationals’ visa applications and international marriage, permanent residence, naturalization applications, incorporation of enterprise, etc.
Subsequently, I established a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Tsutsuji International Legal Office in my hometown; Tatebayashi City, Gunma prefecture. We now carry out visa representation application services for 750 cases a year.

Recently in Japan, a lack of human resource has become a serious problem. There is a real need for foreign nationals- such as you viewing this homepage! We will fully support and facilitate everyone to stay in Japan for as long as possible and have a prosperous life. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any visa issues or concerns. Thank you.


Masayoshi Chigira
Japan Federation of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal specialists Associations License No.10140104

行政書士つつじ国際法務事務所 代表
群馬県行政書士会 理事

Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist
Tsutsuji International Legal Office Representative
Gunma Prefecture Gyosei-shoshi Lawyers
Association Director
Licensed administrative notary
Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist
Specified member
The CCI Japan Business Law Examination, Grade 1 Certified
The CCI Japan Business Law Examination, Grade 2 Certified
Class-1 Sales Representative Qualification
Class-2 Sales Representative Qualification
Life insurance sales representative
Microsoft Office Specialist (Excel)

Born in Tatebayashi city, Gunma prefecture
Mar. /2004
Graduated at Private law, Faculty of law, Aoyama Gakuin university, Experience of sales work at a major brokerage firm
Passed Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Examination
Following the acquisition of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist qualification obtained, worked on a broad range of issues from foreign international visas, international marriages, applications for permanent residency, acquirement of nationality, business relating to extended stays and incorporation of enterprises, etc.
Established Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Tsutsuji International Legal Office
Inauguration as secretary of Gunma Prefecture Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Association Tatebayashi branch
Inauguration as Gunma Prefecture Gyosei-shoshi Lawyers Association Director

Price list

Application list Fee(JPY)
Application for change of status of residence ¥100,000~
Application for extension of period of stay ¥30,000~
Application for certificate of eligibility ¥100,000~
Application for permanent residence ¥100,000~
Certificate of authorized employment ¥100,000~
Naturalization ¥200,000~
Acquirement of nationality ¥100,000~
Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted ¥10,000~
Special permission to stay in Japan Remaining at home ¥200,000~
Immigration detention center cases ¥300,000~
Provisional Release ¥100,000~
Special acceptance ¥100,000~
Translation (Birth or Marriage certificates) ¥4,000
Consultation fee 30 minutes ¥5,000(Tax not included.)

※The above prices do not include consumption tax, transportation fees, revenue stamp fees, certificate acquisition fees etc..
※ There may also be travel fees incurred for long distances.

Contact ℡ 0276-55-6855 (Reception opening hours weekday 9:00~18:00)
Tsutsuji International Legal Office
2nd Floor Sense International building, 2-6-12 Honcho, Tatebayashi-city, Gunma Prefecture
(a 6-minute walk from Tatebayashi station’s east exit)

Directions by train

【Directions by train】
Nearest station:Tobu railway Tatebayashi station(About 6 minutes by walk)

Take the east exit from Tobu railway Tatebayashi station
You’ll see the bus station sign, information Centre and Tatebayashi tourist information office directly in front.

Exit from the east exit at the station and turn right. You’ll see Daily Yamazaki convenience store.
Pass Daily Yamazaki store on your right-hand side and go straight ahead about another 500m.
Continue straight ahead past Yaruki chaya cafe and Times coin parking.

Use the pedestrian crossing and continue up the street for about another 100m.

You will see a brown building.(The landmark is the sign: VISA・EIJU・KIKA)

You’ve arrived at our office!
The entrance is next to Hair Salon on the 1st floor. Please go upstairs to the 2nd floor.

【Directions by car】
There is no private car park. Please park free of charge at the public car park next to
Tatebaashi Honcho post office.